Hydroxypropyl Betadex USP/NF, EP

Kleptose HPB is a purified, polydisperse product resulting from controlled reaction of propylene oxide and native betadex under base catalysis. This product overcomes the low solubility and inadequate biological tolerance of the native betacyclodextrin molecule. Kleptose HPB is produced in a purpose built, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant following USFDA type GMP quality guidelines and is well supported by toxicology data.


Molecular Substitution


Endotoxin Limits


Kleptose HPB


                       0.58 – 0.68

                  NMT 10

Suitable for parenteral use, syrups, solutions and oral suspensions as well as for dry formulations (with possibility of in-situ encapsulation). Increases water solubility of poorly soluble drugs thereby improving bioavailability and enhances organoleptic properties of bitter or unpleasant actives

Kleptose HP


                      0.81 – 0.99

                  NMT 10


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