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Founded in 1952, Hanns G. Werner is a leading manufacturer of exceptionally high quality neutral pellets (sugar spheres) and globuli sacchari (sugar globules) catering to the world’s pharmaceutical and food industries. Located in Germany, they are globally known for their in-house brand of sugar spheres called ‘pharm-a-spheres’. These products are of high sphericity and strength and find usage as drug-free cores for sustained-release formulations. They are also available in a wide range of particle sizes from 150 μm - 2000 μm.

Along with ‘pharm-a-spheres’, the company also produces sugar globules (globuli sacchari) which are used mainly by homeopathic manufacturers for loading actives in tincture form.

Hanns G. Werner’s long term, focused and consistent innovation in the field of manufacturing sugar spheres has helped them to meet and exceed the customer’s requirements in all aspects of formulating successful products.

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