Principals & Partners

FMC Health & Nutrition, with a legacy of over 65 years of innovation, is the market leader in cellulose based excipients. FMC’s ‘Avicel’ is the world’s largest selling brand of Microcrystalline Cellulose. The company’s other products ranging from alginates, carrageenans and gels to coating systems have been strategically harnessed from natural resources. They serve as raw materials to the world’s pharmaceutical, food and personal care industry.

FMC’s commitment to high standards of quality and care is reflected in their motto ‘Quality begins with Me’ and in their consistent efforts at protecting the environment, health and safety of its employees. Along with providing focused support to core markets, they also draw upon the expertise of a network of professionals involved in developing new technologies and applications. This enables them to have a wide partnering reach with their customers, including companies looking to increase efficiency and speed of their own research and development efforts.

FMC Health & Nutrition, a signatory to the ‘responsible care initiative’ of the International Coalition of Chemical Associations, is trusted to deliver the most consistent products, to the right place, at the right time and to assist customers in catering to the fast-paced, challenging markets of today.

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